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Dream Webtec is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their dreams through technology. We do this by providing the tools, resources needed as-well-as award winning customer service and tech support. 

Customer Care: (800) 910-1338

Tech Support: (480) 624-2500

Sarasota Web Services

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Visit us at:

Palm Tower Suites 

1343 Main Street, 3rd Floor

Sarasota, FL 34236

Mailing Address:

229 S. Osprey Ave. #202

Sarasota, FL. 34236

24/7 Tech Support

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Monday – Saturday

8am to 8pm

(800) 910-1338

24 / 7 US Customer Service

Included in All Hosting Plans

Award Winning Customer Support

Our U.S. Based Customer Support Team is based in Sarasota, FL and are here to assist.

Partnerships that bring Success

Our partnerships provide our clients with the experience and tools needed to achieve their dreams through technology.

Corporate Mailing Address:

229 S. Osprey Ave. Suite 202, Sarasota, FL 34236

Contact Phone Numbers:

Sales: (800) 910-1338 | Tech Support: (480) 624-2500

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